Mountain Bike Trails

700 ft
3.4 mi of Singletrack

Davis Mtns. State Park-Up & Down Old CCC Trail

This is the only mountain bike trail in the main part of Davis Mountains State Park. It's short, but there's lots of climb. It's a lollipop loop and at the high point you'll have great views of the Davis Mountains.

600 ft
5 mi of Mixed

Davis Mtns. State Park-Skyline Road & Old CCC Trail

Enjoy the views from Skyline Drive on the paved uphill, then get bounced around a bit on the downhill on the Old CCC Road Trail. The 360 degree view at the top shows lots of the Davis Mountains, the town of Fort Davis and the wide open plains.

250 ft
1 mi of Singletrack

Davis Mtns. State Park-Montezuma Quail Trail

This trail goes quickly up from the main road in the park and offers great views of the surrounding area. Keep a lookout for the rare Montezuma Quail that lives in the area

1200 ft
10.5 mi of Mixed

Primitive Area Trails

Opened to mountain bikes in 2012, the primitive area of Davis Mountains State Park lies across the highway from the main part of the park. The trail follows an old road along the bottom for the first mile before heading uphill. The route shown here . . .

700 ft
4.3 mi of Mixed

Old CCC Trail - Up & Down

This trail starts up the depression-era road built by the Civilian Conservation Corps, then cuts more steeply up to meet Skyline Drive at the top. It's a lollipop loop and at the high point you'll have great views of the Davis Mountains and the town . . .

370 ft
2.6 mi of Singletrack

Chihuanuan Desert Ctr.-Modesto & Outer Loop

The Chihuahuan Desert Nature Center and Botanical Gardens are a great stop in the Fort Davis area. The center includes indoor exhibits, a book and gift shop, botanical gardens, hiking trails and a mining exhibit. The Modesto Spring Trail drops down . . .