Mountain Bike Trails

1100 ft
5.3 mi of Mixed

Crazy Cat Grande

Mostly singletrack with a little added unmaintained dirt road. This is the big loop through Arroyo Park and Palisades Canyon. It's basically all uphill and then all downhill. With lots of side trails available you can make the ride short or longer . . .

250 ft
8.5 mi of Maintained Dirt Road

River Trail

The River Trail follows the Rio Grande from the Upper Valley in El Paso to the Texas/New Mexico state line. The trail is 8.5 miles EACH WAY, making it a 17 mile round trip. There is a paved bike path and many people also ride on the dirt road at th . . .

265 ft
1.7 mi of Singletrack

Arroyo Park Beginner

Arroyo Park in Central El Paso is one of the best ride spots in town for beginners. You can ride this loop or weave around on any number of other trails in the park. At the northeast end of the park you can cross Robinson Street and transition to m . . .

1500 ft
14.4 mi of Mixed

Gas Line to Vinton Hills

This ride travels north from Transmountain Road along the gas line dirt road before heading west and uphill into Franklin Mountains State Park and then looping back to the gas line road. It's a lollipop shaped trail. You'll be riding dirt road with . . .

2000 ft
12.2 mi of Singletrack

Franklins-Sunset to Shortcut 5

This loop through the Tom Mays unit of the Franklin Mountains State Park is part of the main race course inside the park. Included is a new section of singletrack that bypasses the Jobe quarry being dug on land owned by the state of Texas. This rou . . .

1165 ft
2.6 mi of Singletrack

Directissimo to Thousand Steps

This beautiful trail travels right up and over the Franklin Mountains in El Paso near the Wyler Aerial Tramway. The trail has recently been improved - there are even benches strategically placed all the way up the east side of the mountain. The tra . . .

1040 ft
9.54 mi of Mixed

Redd Moab

This singletrack and unmaintained dirt road ride is one of the biggest loops in the Redd Road trail system. There is lots of climb and some technical sections, especially on the trail known as "Little Moab" that you'll reach 5 miles into the ride. T . . .

360 ft
4.83 mi of Mixed

Lost Dog Beginner Ride

This is a good 4.5 mile ride if you are a beginner. The ride consists of a good amount of unmaintained dirt road and singletrack. There are a few short technical sections, but it's the best experience for a beginner from the Lost Dog Trailhead.

0 ft
3.13 mi of Paved Road

Loma Verde Anniversary 5K

This is the route for the Loma Verde Anniversary 5K

1850 ft
17.66 mi of Singletrack

Big Tommy

This is the biggest loop in the Tom Mays section of the Franklin Mountains State Park. It's almost all singletrack. It's a really nice ride for even the best mountain bikers. At two different locations you be in the edge of cliffs with great views . . .

280 ft
1.2 mi of Singletrack

Beginner Trail-Franklin Mtn. State Park

This short ride is the beginner's trail in Franklin Mountains State Park. It's a great place to get a feel for singletrack mountain biking in the El Paso Southwest. With miles and miles of more difficult trail, the park has lots of options once you . . .

790 ft
2.8 mi of Mixed

Palisades Canyon Loop

In 2010 the El Paso Public Service Board purchased Palisades Canyon from private owners and made this frequently used hiking and biking area officially open to the public. This loop goes up the old jeep road on the side of the canyon before looping . . .

352 ft
14.2 mi of Paved Road

CicloviaRide Plus

Ride Sunday morning when Scenic Drive is closed to traffic. Add a few more miles on along Alabama or McKelligon

187 ft
30.7 mi of Paved Road

Boll Weevil Ride

Tour the lower valley via Clint, Fabens, and San Elizario.

1100 ft
21.6 mi of Paved Road

A Smarter Way Across Town

This route is meant to show a way to get back and forth between the UTEP area and the east side of El Paso. It goes up and over Scenic Drive on the way east and turns around at the Cielo Vista Branch of the El Paso Library on Hawkins. The return tr . . .

1800 ft
16 mi of Paved Road

Kinley's Klimb

This is a great low-traffic climb in the central part of El Paso. The out-and-back ride starts near the UTEP campus, goes up and over Rim Road and Scenic Drive, then climbs up Piedras before entering McKelligon Canyon Park for a steep 2.5 mile climb . . .

3500 ft
3.5 mi of Singletrack

Ron Coleman Trail

This very difficult hike along the spine of the Franklin Mountains is not for the faint of heart. It starts in McKelligon Canyon and goes up to the ridge before following the ridgeline all the way to Transmountain Road. It is a difficult and dangerou . . .

1600 ft
3.6 mi of Singletrack

South Franklin Peak

This strenuous hike up from Transmountain Road offers great views of both the east and west sides of El Paso - often at the same time. You may lose sight of the trail from time to time, but if you look around and keep going up you'll find your way. . . .

2900 ft
9.4 mi of Singletrack

South Franklins Ridgeline

This hiking route goes along the ridge line of the Franklins from Transmountain Road to Scenic Drive and includes the Ron Coleman Trail. This is a beautiful hike with stunning views of El Paso, southern New Mexico and Chihuahua - all at the same tim . . .

400 ft
24 mi of Paved Road

Food and Feathers

This weekend loop starts and ends at Keystone Heritage Park in El Paso's Upper Valley. Keystone contains a botanical garden and a wetland area perfect for bird watching (feathers). Near the end of the trip we stopped at the Farmers' Market at Ardov . . .

2400 ft
8.1 mi of Singletrack

North Franklin Peak

This difficult hike starts at the Mundy's Gap trailhead in the Tom Mays Unit of Franklin Mountains State Park. First you'll go up 2 miles and thru Mundy's Gap. Then you start down the other side of the mountains for about a quarter mile before tur . . .

380 ft
12.8 mi of Paved Road

Hyatt Place to Downtown

This easy, low traffic route shows guests how to get from the Hyatt Place to downtown El Paso. In downtown it passes by the El Paso Museum of History, the El Paso Museum of Art and San Jacinto Plaza before going back to the hotel. The return route . . .

370 ft
8.1 mi of Paved Road

Hyatt Place to Memorial Park

This low traffic ride goes from the Hyatt Place Hotel to the Memorial Park area in central El Paso. In the area around the park you can find the municipal rose garden, an aquatics center and a public library. To the north and west of Memorial Park . . .

430 ft
2.6 mi of Singletrack

Crazy Cat Thru Hike

This El Paso hike takes you between Crazy Cat Mountain and the Franklins. There are several side trails to add distance or change the route. Along the way are close up views of beautiful desert terrain and distant views of El Paso, Juarez and south . . .

1130 ft
12.1 mi of Singletrack

Northeast Scenic Loop

This loop in Franklin Mountains State Park in northeast El Paso travels some of the most scenic trails thru a beautiful and under appreciated landscape. The geology and vegetation changes several times during the ride. Make time to stop and smell t . . .

950 ft
4 mi of Singletrack

Schaeffer Shuffle and More

This loop hike in the Tom Mays Unit of Franklin Mountains State Park provides you with an up close look at some of the higher terrain and more beautiful arroyos in the park. You'll start at the trailhead at the top of the road in the park, descend q . . .

280 ft
7.4 mi of Singletrack

Lazy Cow Out-and-Back

This ride follows the winding, but relatively flat Lazy Cow Trail in Northeast El Paso from the trailhead at Chuck Heinrich Park to the roundhouse at Bowen Ranch and then returns along the same route. There are great views of the Franklin Mountains . . .

480 ft
5.2 mi of Singletrack

Old Tin Mine - Polecat Lollipop

This a great ride or hike when you've graduated from the easy stuff and want a little more elevation gain. From Chuck Heinrich Park, enter the Franklin Mountains State Park and start up the Old Tin Mine Trail, go right on Polecat Alley (1.8 miles fr . . .

4592 ft
36.42 mi of Singletrack

El Paso Puzzler 35-Miler 2016

The 2016 race loops around the mountains in a clockwise direction for added pain!

2151 ft
49.38 mi of Singletrack

El Paso Puzzler 50-miler 2016

This is the "new and improved" route for the El Paso Puzzler for 2016. The race will go in the opposite direction as in previous years, making the Mundy's Gap climb and descent even more memorable.

1540 ft
14.4 mi of Singletrack

Happy Trails

This is a great way to put the northeast El Paso trails together for a great work out. You'll get to see some of the best scenery in the Franklins. Here are the trails you'll take: Ride up onto the earthen dam and go thru the gates, go back right a . . .

375 ft
3.7 mi of Paved Road

Scenic Sunday Two Ways

On Sunday mornings, Scenic Drive in El Paso is closed to motor vehicles. Walkers, bikers and runners have the place all to themselves. OK, this is all on pavement, so it's really just a walk. Once you're comfortable with this walk, maybe you'll be . . .

1050 ft
7.8 mi of Mixed

Jackrabbit Classic Course 2012

This is the course for the 2012 Jackrabbit Classic trail running race in El Paso's Franklin Mountain State Park scheduled for Sunday February 26. After a fast downhill start on the park road the route winds back north on some of the most beautiful s . . .

610 ft
9.7 mi of Singletrack

Coyote Classic 2013, Cat 3

The Cat 3 course for the 2012 Coyote Classic received rave reviews so it's staying the same for 2013. The course includes some new winding singletrack just north of the Bowen Round House. It should be loads of fun.

2020 ft
18.2 mi of Singletrack

Coyote Classic 2013, Cat 2

The plan is to use the same course as in 2012 because it was that sweet! It incorporates some of the best trails in north east El Paso including Lazy Cow, Coyote Ugly, Sotol Forest, Scenic Road and Mad Cow. Lotsa singletrack, lotsa speed!

4300 ft
114 mi of Paved Road

El Paso to Ruidoso Century Plus

This road ride has a 75 mile "warm up" before a serious climb! Starting at the Texas-New Mexico state line, travel north on US 54 and slowly close in on the mountains. The route goes around Alamogordo on the relief route, but you could fuel up there . . .

960 ft
62.4 mi of Maintained Dirt Road

Hueco Ranch Road to Dell City

This cross country route is for experienced riders looking for adventure or a bikebacking route out of El Paso. You'll pass north of the Cornudas Mountains across Otero Mesa and see lots of wide open spaces. There are a few ranch houses (with dogs? . . .

415 ft
1.88 mi of Singletrack

Anthonys Gap to Hitt Canyon Loop

This 1.88 mile long moderate hike climbs 415 feet along the side of a ridge in Anthony's Gap, & rolls over a small pass into Hitt Canyon. The trail then crosses the washouts of the canyon arroyo & ends in a junction with the Hitt Canyon trail. Ther . . .

1767 ft
18.11 mi of Singletrack

Coyote Classic 2015 - Big Loop

This is the complete course for Category 2 racers and the first lap for Category 1 racers in the 2014 Coyote Classic. Race date: Sunday, March 30.

0 ft
0 mi of Paved Road
1360 ft
14.27 mi of Singletrack

Puzzler 2015 50-Mile Course last 15

After the vicious 35 mile loop thru the Franklin Mountains, this is the extra 15 mile course racers take to complete the long, 50-mile version of the 2015 Puzzler Mountain Bike Race. This is no cool-down, but a final 15 mile chance to suffer and que . . .

820 ft
10.66 mi of Singletrack

Twelve Hours of Old El Paso 2015

This is the course for the 2015 Twelve Hours of Old El Paso race. There are no changes from the 2014 course. This is a great ride!

1185 ft
13.22 mi of Singletrack

Puzzler 2015 13-Mile Course

If the 50-mile version of the Puzzler is the toughest race in Texas, this is probably the toughest beginner race in Texas! With almost 1200 feet of climb, mostly in the first few miles of sweet, skinny singletrack, completing this course if somethin . . .

1800 ft
36.42 mi of Singletrack

Puzzler 2015 35-Mile Course

This is the main course for the 2015 Puzzler Mountain Bike Race in Franklin Mountains State Park, El Paso, Texas. There's a 1000 foot climb in the first few miles of warmup, then things get serious! A long climb up Mundy's Gap leads to a scree fiel . . .

1262 ft
12.96 mi of Singletrack

El Paso Puzzler 13-miler 2016

Here's the new and improved route for the 13 mile race of the El Paso Puzzler on January 17, 2016.

123 ft
8.17 mi of Unmaintained Dirt Road


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123 ft
8.17 mi of Unmaintained Dirt Road

Test Ride 123

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